Holiday Socks Are a Fun Gift for Him

What can you give that special man for the holidays? A necktie? Oh, no! Let’s see – he has no hobbies. There are no sports that he’s actively involved in. He buys every book that interests him, so no room for gifting there. From head to toe he has everything he needs. Toe? What a great idea; buy him holiday themed socks.

HolidaySocksThere are special socks available for every occasion in his life, but the holidays offer the ultimate opportunity to flash those ankles in style. Socks can be chosen to fit his personality, dress him to the nines, or to help him celebrate a season. You can probably combine all those purposes in one perfect pair. If you prefer, however, give a variety of themed socks to ramp up the fun of the holidays.

The choices seem endless as you scan the sock aisles and ads. They run from the wild designs sporting Santa’s smiling face to the more understated look of a simple background scattered with snowflakes. If he’s more of an outdoor guy, you may want to select an animal theme. Prancing reindeer are always an option or a little holiday mouse can peer out from below his pant leg.

Take into account the personality and life style of your gift recipient. A staid, somber fellow might actually get a kick out of a playful look on his feet. If you’re not sure of his reaction, you might want to stick with something colorful but more restrained. Bright plaids for the holidays are always a great choice. You’ll want to think about the future of the socks. If they display holiday trees with flashing lights (yes, those are available) their useful life will be rather limited. For a more practical offering, go with an argyle in holiday colors or perhaps with a simple holly design running vertically. These will likely get more wear.

Any way you look at it, holiday socks are a great gift for several reasons. Socks are available in a variety of price ranges and with one-size-fits-all, you can’t go very wrong in that department. Help brighten the holiday season for some men in your life with a fun gift of holiday socks.