On Trend: The Best Men’s Ties You Need This Winter

No matter the season, time of year or time of day, the tie will still remain to be the first thing business-attirepeople notice on you. This therefore makes it very important for you to get the tie game on right. There is a lot that goes into getting the right tie for the outfit you are in. There is the aspect of ensuring they all fit together and the tie does not stand out like a sore thumb. Look for a tie that will help you look classy and cool at the same time. Something that everyone will notice and comment on how good it goes with the suit.

There are some things about tying a tie that every man should be aware of. This are such as the length of the tie. Don’t let it get too long or too short. Both of those are not right. They end up getting people’s attention in the wrong way. When tying it, ensure it hits right above the belt line. However, there are other times where you can have it right on the navel. This make for a classy look with the tie.

The knot should also not be too big or very tiny. The four-in hand knot is the basic and the most ideal knot there is. This knot will give you the best knot and the most ideal for just about any suit. Ensure that when looking for that tie the width is also reasonable and that it is not one of those extra huge ties people have.

Some of the best ties for the winter can be such as the following

Kingsman + Drake’s wool tweed tie

This is one of the exclusive of Mr. Porter’s line of clothes. It is one of the best textures of a tie there is. For most men, this tie will do you some good and will fit perfectly. It fits in just about any daily dressing just as much as it fits those special and unique days

The Tie Bar Silk Knit Tie in Grey

This is one tie that will add some eye catching texture. This is a 100% silk tie that will put some class into your suit. It is a dry clean tie that makes it easier for any man. This is one of the best ties there is for any man. It also does will during the winter.

The Tie Bar Solid Flex Tie

This is an affordable classy and sophisticated tie anyone can have. It comes in solid colors that are very good for the cold winter weather. This is a tie that will ensure you remain looking sharp and in place with it on.

Nola Couture Dr. Hales Caterpillar Tie

This is a playful micro-print tie. This tie has been named after a doctor who is known for his caterpillar drawings on his patients’ hands after a TB test. This tie has also been used to raise funds for the Pro Bono Publico Foundation. Well even with how stylish it is, the backstory makes it an interesting tie.

These are some few types that are befitting of any classy many. With them you cannot go wrong.