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Men’s fashions

Men’s fashions change more slowly perhaps than they do for women, but over time, they do change.

Here, we try to offer a bit of style advice for those who are undecided as to what they might want to consider as a gift for men in their lives.

In the sixties, men’s jackets had superbly wide lapels and the trousers went to the extreme of really wide bell bottoms with wide cuffs displaying ridiculously thick-soled leather shoes.

Only a few years later, that style became seriously outdated when jackets featured extremely narrow lapels and trousers were not only straight and snugger, but mostly lacked cuffs.

Not only in suiting does style change, but in shirt styles, neckties, and just about anything else a man might wear. Men’s fashion trends may not change as rapidly as those for women, but they do change, and it’s prudent for any man to keep abreast of the times.

With another gift-giving season rapidly approaching, many doubtless wonder what to give the man in their lives. Gifts for men need not be the cause of sleepless nights wondering what to give.

As everyone has probably noticed, the trend in men’s jackets has been to make them shorter. While some feel this creates a less flattering look, it is nevertheless “the thing” just now and apparently will continue for some time in the future.

A leather six-inch boot is not only dressy, it’s a lot dressier than sneakers and their relations. There are many attractive styles, the cap toe and the wing tip being the dressiest. They come in a very dressy version with thin leather sole to a much more rugged look with a heavier look and thicker sole, yet are still suitable for almost any occasion.

Because of the influx of foreign-made clothing, men’s fashions, as well as those for the ladies, are possibly at an all-time low in price, making fashion within reach of nearly everyone. Many stores constantly offer two for one deals, or super discount prices for a short time, and these are, for the most part, quality, fashionable apparel that any man would wear with pride.

Neckties and display handkerchiefs are always popular and with so many of the latest styles and designs available, the consumer is sure to find just what a man would like. And of course, many of the traditional designs are available as well, because there is always that segment of the male population that loves those English style school or regimental ties from yesteryear.

This year, a number of really stylish leather jackets can be found in selected shops. Stylishly casual, yet dressy enough to go anywhere, especially when paired with a sharp pair of slacks with a little color (or a lot) in them, these can be just what a man wants.

During the holiday season, a little extra color in normally subdued men’s clothing adds a lot of sparkle and interest to any man’s appearance. A velvet jacket in perhaps a deep blue or burgundy can really make his holiday evenings events to remember.

A gift certificate for the rental of a sharp and stylish tux for a special holiday occasion will be greatly appreciated by the man in your life and he’ll have the choice of style and even fabric so he’s certain to be a happy camper.

This year offers many casual, yet dressy, jackets in all sorts of materials from raw silk to tweed and suede to wear with a handsome pair of jeans to show off that casual, yet fashionably stylish look to friends and co-workers.

Wider collars are back and more and more stylish dressers have moved away from those solid white or other light colored shirts to one of the many checks and stripes that are on today’s display tables.

A blue and white checked shirt can really bring out the style of any jacket and combined with a more subdued necktie, the wearer will create a very handsome impression indeed.

Of course, aside from clothing, there are many other welcome and stylish gifts for men to be found in shops and boutiques all over the United States.

An embossed leather wallet can be a welcome and up-to-date present. After all, only too many men walk about with an ancient leather wallet they’ve been meaning to get rid of for two years now.

A classy leather carry-on tote can be a most welcome gift for a man who has a use for such an item. If that guy travels a lot, a stylish leather zip up bag designed for toiletries can be extremely welcome. A neat accessory to accompany the traveler all over the world.  If you are wondering what would be the best valentines gifts for him, we can help you with some ideas.

In the world of jewelry, styles do change but the change is subtle and many wouldn’t notice. However, a pinkie ring set with perhaps a birthstone can add a beautiful look as well as enhance that stylish look the man’s entire outfit announces.

A quality wristwatch in the latest style can be costly, but really make a man’s day.

Snug-fitting knit sweater-shirts too are “in” and not only present a stylish appearance but bring with them considerable comfort and an attractive appearance as well.

Corduroy and flannel in trousers are back and more stylish than ever before. For winter wear, these offer not only fashionable but warm and comfortable clothing when outside on a winter day. Through the clever use of different textures, the fashionable man may really stand out. Flannel trousers with fashionable leather loafers can make an outstanding combination. Add to that some bright non-traditional neckwear such as purple or even teal can bring out more style than most men ever considered attaining.

The takeaway here today is that almost every store, in particular men’s stores, can offer an immense variety of stylish and fashionable options, something that can please any man and, following an honest and open discussion with a shop associate, the consumer should be well on the way to providing an exciting and welcome gift to the men on that gift list. And every man who wears these fashionable items of clothing will appreciate every moment and doubtless, express their gratitude with exuberance.