Best Men’s Accessory Trends to Know for AW16



Men’s wear shows AW16 has become trendy in the modern world with its incredible accessories. In this festive season you need AW16 accessories on your neck. Neckerchiefs were popularized by Dior and Gucci and completely deconstructed the ties from 1960 cravats and catholic school bows. Oversized pussy bows are suitable for Oscar convention and less appealing in Christmas functions. Continental ties are on the other hand, suitable for both realism and runways. This is a less popular choice which breaks the dress codes of the black ties. Tis trend is applicable on the daily basis. In remodeled cravat you can add neckerchiefs to the official wears such as the Breton stripes, neutral chinos and chore jackets. Ensure you stick to simple colors and patterns. For the key change the Sum 41 is back with a bang and this time it is more colorful. The AW16 can be unlocked by key chains which has become a popular trend across the world. These Prada
chains are made from the leather loops which are attached to the pocket books that are coated with glittering gold. They are compatible with any with a belt loop. This is the secret to maintaining simple looks. The key chain stands out from any other accessories despite its small size. Although the nu-metal typography is common with most people, Linkin park hoodie are still trusted.

The men’s bags unlike those for women do not provide much required choice. However, this is changing in the present world as men’s bags slowly and steadily become trendy. The backpack and holdall became supersize for the AW16 after being inflated by Loewe and Vuitton. Unfortunately, morning travels are not suitable to the backpacks such as Kolkata but the bloat can be a good design instead. The leather holdall are being used more nowadays. For those who love designer accessories, Loewe’s military slouch backpacks are most suitable for you. Their size makes them easy to manage unlike Herschel’s XL rucksacks which is difficult to manage despite its affordability.

You should learn to stick to the brief case. The oversized bags are suitable for AW16 stardom just like the briefcase. Most the biggest briefcase brands you should consider are the weatherworn luggage at Thom Browne and the monogrammed uniformity from Louis Vuitton. The luxe hardware, hard cases and future heritage are the major determinants of the suitable briefcase. Select a more versatile case as Mr. Bean hard-sized briefcases are not easy to assimilate into daily looks. On the other hand, relaxed document holders can be used next to your bar stool or office chair as they are flexible suitable for any occasion.

Lastly, the head wears for the AW16 are a key accessory you cannot miss out. A statement head wear such as Fendi’s abominable snow hat is trendy. It is easy to get it wrong with the head wears than any other accessory for AW16. Topman’s slouch beanies need to be worn smaller depending on the texture, stripes, ribs and Noddy silhouette composition.

The fashion is the maximalist mood and the shoes, jewels and bags have become popular trend on the streets. The above-mentioned accessories will help produce amazing looks suitable for the AW16.